Staying Informed

I’ve decided to begin blogging again after a long pause! There are a lot of topics to share with our community. For this first post I wanted to pass on some information to our parents that might be helpful.

Last year I mentioned a free email service called the Cultural Translator. By subscribing, you will receive a weekly email with information to help you better understand the world your student inhabits. The Cultural Translator provides weekly insight into how pop culture, technology, and media are influencing your students while equipping you to start biblically based conversations. It has some helpful information.

Cultural Translator

I would also like to pass on some information about vapes and e-cigarettes. The FDA has described teen vaping an “epidemic” and may ban on all flavored e-cigarettes. It’s very popular in Edmond high schools and OCS students are not immune to the same temptations every other teenager faces. It’s important, therefore, that we understand the issue so we can help guide our students.

At OCS we treat vapes the same as cigarettes and tobacco products. The consequences are outlined in our Student Handbook. Students are occasionally caught vaping or in possession of vapes, and we deal with it accordingly. However most vaping doesn’t happen at school. With small and nondescript vapes being sold, it’s easy for parents to be unaware that their child is vaping. This is a health concern, so it’s important that parents understand the issue. Young people assume they’re escaping the damage done by cigarettes, not realizing the potential health hazards of vapes. So, to provide a little more insight into the issue, I have attached the following link to an article and video from a recent episode of the Today show which addresses the issue.

Today Show

New High School Building Almost Done!

I just walked the new high school wing that’s been under construction since last year. The contractor is working hard to ensure we are ready for an occupancy permit. Final flooring is being installed, touch-up painting is underway, and ceiling tiles are being dropped into place. This is one beautiful building! The architecture is interesting, with lots of natural lighting, high ceilings, and classrooms that are bright and spacious.

When high school students return in August they’re going to be impressed with their new classrooms. Middle school students will also enjoy fully occupying the Student Center, which is now dedicated exclusively to middle school. I am thankful for how the Lord provided through the sacrificial gifts of our OCS families. Generations of OCS students will enjoy this new building.



New Bleachers for OCS Football Stadium

This summer the OCS Barnabas Club and Saints Parent Organization (SPO) used a portion of their funds to purchase new bleachers for the home side of the football stadium. The bleachers arrived in early summer, and Mr. Shuck, OCS athletic director, quickly began the assembly process. The new bleachers are positioned above the terraced hill (where fans spread out blankets and lawn chairs), allowing the OCS fans to sit in closer proximity to each other, and the action action on the field. Barnabas Club also funded the addition of a new concrete pathway to separate the new bleachers from the terraced hill. The project completes the bleacher upgrade that began last summer when the visitor section was replaced. The project is a big improvement to the stadium and will be enjoyed by OCS fans for many years. Thank you to Barnabas and SPO who work diligently to make OCS a great place! A big thanks is also in order for Mr. Shuck!

Swimming Returns to OCS and Team Goes to State

Swimming returned to OCS this year. With a lack of facilities, we were unable to offer the sport for two years. However, Mitch Park’s new facility relieved some pressure on the local demand for practice facilities, allowing OCS to continue the program. Our first year back, we went to State. Here are comments from our coach, Krista Kezbers.

“First off I want to say how proud I am with all of our swimmers and their amazing efforts at State!!  They all raced as hard as they could!  It was also amazing to see the OCS swimmers inviting other swimmers to pray with them before races and overall just being extremely supportive of everyone!  We had an “adopted team” for the weekend as Newcastle did not have a coach on deck with them.  After the meet they all told me how awesome it was to feel like they had a big team and to know that there were kids on deck cheering for them.  We truly have a wonderful group of swimmers!”


Girls Team – 19th overall
Boys Team (Conner) – 25th overall
Girls 200 Medley Relay – DQ
Boys 50 Free – Conner – 10th
Girls 100 Free – Madelyn – 12th
Girls 200 Free Relay – 16th
Girls 100 Back – Madelyn – 5th
Boys 100 Breast – Conner – 9th




High School Construction Update!

Construction on our new high school wing is progressing! The structural steel is now going up and the building is taking shape. A dry winter played an important role in the progress on the building. It won’t be long before the building is closed in!

These new classrooms will alleviate our space needs in the high school, as well as allow the middle school to exclusively use the Student Center. With new Advanced Placement and elective courses planned for the high school next year, we can really use this space.

Thank you to everyone who made this project possible!